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The discussion about the foundation of a carrier who will represent the Greek labelers started in early 2012. That happened because of the need of our sector to identify itself and promote its dynamics. Also, it was in need of common action, in order to face the issues that current financial circumstances set.

There has been similar discussion in the past, so all the labelers had realized the need of the foundation of this association.

We must emphasize that the companies' need for protection from the difficult financial circumstances and the claim of their demands weren't the main reason for the start of this discussion. On contrary, the main reason was the fact that the conditions for the businessmen were mature enough to come closer as personalities, as persons with common dreams, ambitions and problems, to exchange opinions and experiences and also to submit their additional value in a sector full of prospects for the Greek economy.

So, it was the result of a whole process, not circumstances.

It's an effort to offer our sector identity and recognition, to offer Greek and foreign businesses the right services and information, in order to contribute to the image of their products, to help them understand this need, which will lead to the enlargement of the sector's operations.

It's not a trade union who demands requests. On contrary, it's a business association who forms principles, common bases and premises for overall development.

Label : “Ambassador” of Greek production

It has been almost 50 years since the outburst of the packaging revolution. We were transferred from the unpacked method of the grocer to the flow pack method of supermarkets. The glass bottle with the brand delved into it was replaced by the one use plastic bottle or the tetra pack one. The detergent powder gave its position to the condensed liquid in the bottle with a mask cap. This was the time when the label revolution took place. Label, before its establishment at our consciousness as what it is now, had a lot of different names : sign, maquet, moquette, draw, cliché, paper, cardboard, ribbon, badge, card, painting, picture and many more. But now, all the products has their roll sticker label as an identifying mark.

Small or slightly bigger, with or without slogan, with a few or many colors, with a few or much information about the product content, but always with the brand of the manufacturer, label is the “identity” of the product. Just remember that, even in trash cans, we recognize the empty packages from their labels.

We see what the label highlights. But, while it presents the product and its manufacturer, it hides its own identity.

Label Industry is an “autonomous” industry, which has a few things in common with the classic form of typography, despite a lot of people think that they are the same thing. They don’t use the same devices, paper or technicians. And, of course, they serve different purposes. That’s why there are a lot of businesses on the sector of roll sticker labels which cover the needs of their clients, regardless of their size (a small cottage industry or a big company of consuming products.

Label has to explain many things in a very small place, to be typed with clear colors, to stick properly to the label, to attract the receiver, to be an alternative advertisement of the product and many more, which need a lot of room to be explained. All those require time, money, knowledge, specialization and appetite.

 “Dressing” the Greek products that are available in abroad, the label is the “ambassador” of Greek production at international Markets. It’s not just the latest brush on the product, before it is put at the shelves of some stores in abroad. The label follows the package in the shelf, the depository, the consumption area, the trash can, even in the Ladfill! It has to be friendly to the ecosystem and able for easy removal, in order to make the recycling easier.

Of course, the Label Industry, just like anyone else, is having a hard time during the current crisis circumstances. Though, even if the turnover is reduced, job places are almost the same to older and better times. The production quality is in the high level it was in the past. Market needs are covered with the same consistency. And, of course, the sector is always open in developments and novelties.

Those facts are an evidence that sector’s efforts are effective and that, even in the cracked and tormenting Greek economy, something is still alive.

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